What does your ejaculate smell like?

Ok so me and my fellow correspondents have found ourselves in a little bit of a deBATE! A little bit of intellectual sparring, if you will. What we seek to find is the answer to the question, “what does jizz smell like?”

Aja says it smells like bleach or chlorine. Warm, watered down chlorine. (To which I say that’s a bunch of shit!)

TEDESTEN says that shit smells like when you leave your laundry in the washing machine and you forget it overnight and you don’t get yer LOAD into the dryer quick enough. THAT’S the jizz stank I’m familiar with.

Miles “Big Cums” Lark says that it smells like gluten-free brownies. Which I think sounds like wishful thinking or just how it smells to blow a bunch of dudes at a bakery. Creepy…

We’d love to get your opinion! HOLLA AT US!

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