Questions from Readers!

Monday Night Football has inspired the latest segment that we here at Professional V.I.P. are now introducing! (And by “we” I mean TEDESTEN!) It’s time for questions from our readers! Feel free to email us at – we’d love to answer all of your questions! So here we go! NEW TRADITION!


Shitty weekend? Need your head unfucked? Have some questions that you need answering? Here’s our big 10 questions that our staff will be helping you out with this week! This week is Halloween question themed!

  1. What’s the best Halloween candy?
  2. What’s the worst?
  3. How many zombies could you kill if the world ended tomorrow?
  4. Sexy dilf in a pussy-cat costume or slutty grandma? WHO YA GOT?! (or both if you’re into that…you sick fuck).
  5. Best Halloween activity for drunk, horny teens?
  6. Halloween in Detroit? or Salt Lake City, Utah? Which is worse?
  7. Scariest Halloween Monster?
  8. Werewolf vs. Vampire? WHO YA GOT????
  9. Are ghosts real?
  10. Trick or treat?

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