Answers to Our Halloween-themed Questions from Readers!

The Professional VIP


In my opinion, the best Halloween candy, hands down is TAKE 5. The Take 5 is not only the best candy, but also the most underrated by FAR. The Take 5 doesn’t nearly get enough love. It deserves love. ALL THE LOVE. When I dump out my trick or treating candy at the end of the night and I see a Take 5 in my pile of yummy cavities bombs, I bust both nuts. Take 5 makes me do BIG CUMS! It’s got everything you could possibly want: it’s a chocolate covered pretzel with peanuts, peanut butter, and caramel. Holy titties. It’s BOMB! And not only is it the bomb, but I like that it’s a humble candy. What it really is, is super duper chocolate covered pretzel with the works. It’s involved. It’s well thought out and well balanced. Five beautifully balanced and delicious…

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