Now introducing MILES LARK! Our new featured correspondent for THE PROFESSIONAL V.I.P.!

Here’s Miles (via email):

Greetings from Seattle!

Who the fuck are these people?

I know I’m late to the party, I have a full time job and I teach on the side but I’m finally here. So who are Aja and Ted, these two are my best friends who have helped me though life. Well in all reality if Aja wasn’t here Ted and i would probably be dead.

Ted Esten is my creative partner in crime. We function in the same wavelength and frankly sometimes it can be kinda creepy how on point we both are. We’ve been scheming taking over the world for years, one day we will.

Aja is my sister from another mister. Aja is the friend who you can text at anytime of the day or night with the most random shit. (I do it all the time) I love her to death and I actually can’t imagine life without my #BlackBestFriend. She is an amazing writer and one day you’ll get a movie-theatre handy during one of her cinematic masterpieces.

So now imma hit the bong and start writing some real shit.


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