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Halloween is in the air! It’s late October and it’s time to start stocking up on candy, carving up jack-o-lanterns, and getting in the festive spirit of what I think is the greatest holiday of all time. Halloween is the bomb. Fall is the best season. It’s nice and temperate outside and summer is finally over, which means that ball soup and swamp ass are officially off the menu! Thank god. I fucking hate Summer. Summer is overrated. Summer blows. First of all, it’s hot. And that sucks. I am VERY sweaty man. I do like getting a good sweat on when I’m feeling it in the gym running around but if I’m just going to work or class or something I really hate constantly being wet and worrying that I’m going to destroy my phone with my sweatiness. The threat of a potential gooch rash just behind my nads…

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