That one day you dress up in your Mom’s wedding dress and are given candy by a woman in a clown wig 

The more you know: Answers to Questions from Readers

What’s the best Halloween candy?

The best Halloween candy is simple, and anybody who disagrees is wrong. Crunch bars.

What’s the worst?

Tootsie rolls are gross.
How many zombies could you kill if the world ended tomorrow?

I like to think that I’m an active person so idk 38.

Sexy dilf in a pussy-cat costume or slutty grandma? WHO YA GOT?! (or both if you’re into that…you sick fuck).

Sexy. DILF. No. Questions. Asked.

Best Halloween activity for drunk, horny teens?

Can I be lame and say fuck….idk. Or what I did. Homework. Alone in my room.

Halloween in Detroit? or Salt Lake City, Utah? Which is worse?

Ok, Club X in Detroit on Halloween is amazing. Justice and Daft Punk, that’s all you need. Period. Salt Lake City, seriously? Naw.

Scariest Halloween Monster?


Werewolf vs. Vampire? WHO YA GOT????

Team Edward, sensitive guys are better than meatheads.

Are ghosts real?

Yes they are.

Trick or treat?

I mean I want to be cool and say trick but treat, not trick….

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