11/1…the morning after

Preamble to this article *READ*

I live next to Seattle Pacific University–next to? No, I live on top of Seattle Pacific University. Whenever there is a long weekend or party on campus I know about it without even trying. Now, I seriously don’t care. I’ve never had any issues with any students and I probably never will.

This article is a reflection of what I’ve gathered over the last 48-60 or so hours. I never went to college, so again, these are just observations.

(Side note: I am laying in my bed, listening to the “What Say You” podcast with special guest Joey Fatone. Yes THAT Joey Fatone  talking about his superman tattoos. #NSYNC4LYPHE. I love being an adult).


To my pleasant surprise am not hungover. As you all know, yesterday was dress like a slutty Donald Trump day, or in Layman’s terms “Halloween”.

This year a miracle happened for every person who still remembers all the words to “Bye, Bye, Bye”.

First: Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. Finally, kids didn’t have to beg their parents to let them stay up late on this special night. More importantly, the No Strings Attached generation was able to stay up all night drinking, dancing, and getting turned down by that cute girl from Chem 301, all without worrying about having to go to Chem 301 the next morning.

Secondly: the law states “if wee-o-Hallows falls on doth Saturday, then partying must commence on Friday.” Technically, since Friday starts at midnight, then Thursday night must be welcomed with a gathering so that when Friday does come you have a running start.

And most importantly, this day, November 1st, 2015 ends daylight savings time! We all gain another hour of inebriated slumber. It also allows me personally enough time to wake up and get a cup of coffee before the annual “Walk of Shame Parade”.

I hope you had a great night. I personally went to a murder mystery party and was accused of being the murderer, when in fact I was not.

Happy Counting Down the Days Until Christmas is Over season, everybody!

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