Are sad people storytellers? What do you think? 

Whilst walking home from a cannabis retailer, thinking about the meeting I was missing, it came to me. Are sad people story tellers? Think about it. The job of a storyteller is to take the listener to anther place into their mind, away from the present.

If you haven’t already gathered, Ted, Aja, and I are all sad people. We all love connecting with people through stories and we are always reminiscing about those old times.

So, that is my question to you, dear reader. Are sad people storytellers?

One comment

  1. TSP · November 4, 2015

    I believe pain helps us connect to others. As others share their hardships with us it becomes easier to create a story by combing your personal experiences with that of others. I also believe individuals who are “sad” sometimes see the world in a profound way that others do not which allows them to tell incredible stories. Great question! Now you’ve got me thinking!


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