Every 1’s A Winner? 

As I wake up, twisted in my blankets with a lump of cat sleeping on my thighs, I wonder about yesterday’s elections. There are winners, clearly. But, who are the real losers? Yes, cannabis is still illegal here in Ohio and people will continue to be arrested and fined for having small amounts of recreational marijuana. What I wonder is the logic of the opposite side to keep this illegal? 

My mom, sensing my disappointment at the results, said “well, in a few years, it’ll be legal anyways…”. And, perhaps she is right. On a federal level, cannabis may be close to being decriminalized in the United States. On the other hand, the War on Drugs as really ravished Americans, especially minorities. There is a lot of money to be made penalizing petty offenders for possession, jailing them in a brand-new private prison and grinding some free labor out of them. The logic of “Oh, but it’s an illegal drug, just don’t do it and you won’t be arrested” is a tired mantra cannabis users are tired of hearing, especially when on the news there is a segment of someone getting killed by a drunk driver. Literally, on the highway I take weekly, there is a flashing sign that says “Drunk Driving Up 14% this year”. People are dying from a drug (alcohol) that remains legal and regulated. 

I could rant about this all day long. It does not change the fact that Ohio dropped the ball this election. The monopoly clause in Issue 3 effectively killed their chances of having it pass, and even the ones who wanted marijuana legalized could not for fear of throwing their money into the pockets of Nick Lachey. 98 Degrees? Really? *Sigh* 

Well, I won’t be around this state very much longer. I count the days until I can move to a more liberal, open-minded community where people think progressively and don’t, by an overwhelming scale, take 10% of their income and give it to “God”, thinking that’ll earn them a place in Heaven. I’m going to listen to Hot Chocolate’s 1978 hit “Every 1’s a Winner” and listen to the late, great Errol Brown remind me that I am a winner, though I sometimes believe the folks that surround me are not, contrary to their beliefs. 

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