Ohio Rejects Issue 3!

Keeping with tradition, Ohio as of now, has rejected the statewide Issue 3, which would have legalize the use and sale of recreational and medicinal marijuana for Ohioans 21 years and older. I’m not going to lie; I’m a little bit bummed out. If it had passed, I would have had a tinge of Ohio pride. I could’ve said, “damn, look at my state. Being progressive and shit!” Sadly, no. 

The monopoly component had everything to do with the issue not garnering support. I think I believe that most people don’t necessarily care about marijuana legalization, but the wording of the issue was the culprit. For all intents and purposes, using the word “monopoly” isn’t going to get you many places, especially when it’s not the classic board game.

So, I heard there is a new issue on that may appear on the General election next year; essentially a “better” version of ending prohibitions. Progress is slow around here, folks. Just like our speed limits, it seems Ohio will be stuck forever at 65MPH while states around us whiz by. 

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