The RED-ASS DIET day 5: Game Over

Yesterday, in a last-ditch effort to make this diet work, I wrote an article about my epic breakdown from the other night and gave some pro tips on how I was planning on improving. However, I fucked up REAL bad and ate a gallon of ice cream. I need to stop eating ice cream. I blame those fucked up blue “candies” I found. THEY GAVE ME THE MUNCHIES I COULDN’T HELP IT DOOOOD! But nah I just effed this one up.

GAME OVER. Restart.

Ok I’m staring this bitch over. New rules. New diet. No more ice cream.

What have I learned in the name of science? Other than that I can’t stop eating ice cream?

  1. Tiredness is your enemy.
  2. Don’t eat ice cream when you’re trying to get back in shape.
  3. Smoke cigarettes instead of eating junk food. Quit one thing at a time.
  5. Vitamins are good for you.
  6. Stay hydrated.

This is not a bad list of pro tips, homie. However, I gotta work some shit our and restructure this diet.

I’m too damn soft, coach. I’m too soft for the RED ASS DIET. No more, man. No more.

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