How long until Greg Hardy starts rockin’ an eye-black Swastika?

Yesterday, in America, it was FOOTBAW SUNDAY! Just last month, the most despicable character in the league (Greg Hardy) was reinstated by the National Football League. The league suspended Hardy for four games because of the domestic violence  and assault and battery charges brought against him last fall.

Greg “The Kraken” Hardy is human garbage. He was found guilty last year of severely beating and abusing his then girlfriend. Deadspin has just released photos of his ex-girlfriend’s injuries but we already knew what happened last fall.

Long story short, Greg Hardy not sorry. He’s stated that he’s just pleased as piss to get a second chance to play professional football. Hardy’s comeback tour has been…disgusting. No really — he’s not sorry. And he wants you to know it. He loves being the monster. He loves being THE KRAKEN. And what sucks is that “The Kraken” is a fucking awesome nickname. So I offer the American public a new nickname to give Hardy: “Hitler”. Last night on Sunday Night Football he rocked this look:

SNF some medium gold hoops and war paint

I really wish I could have found more photos from last night’s game because The Toilet Warrior knew he was going to be on TV and dressed accordingly. Notice in the photo above that this man wore medium-sized gold hoop earrings along with his eye black Tony the Tiger stripes. He’s been dropped from every one of his endorsements except for Frosted Flakes and Claire’s. LET IT BE KNOWN: Greg “Adolf Hitler” Hardy is not completely without loyalty or honor. Just ask Jerry Jones! #earnyerstripes

Wildman here knew that he was going to be featured prominently on TV. Since his return from serving his suspension, he has embraced the role of villain. And if he wants to be out loud and proud about being a scumbag? Fine. That’s his employer’s problem and the NFL should do something about him because he’s declared total war on human decency and basic societal values. This guy makes a point to never say his “pleases” or “thank you’s”! Fucker! So, long story short, fuck Greg Hardy. He should be in jail forever. But as long as he’s still allowed to continue to troll our asses every Sunday, he’s gonna keep doing this shit. My only question is how long until The Kraken starts rockin’ some eye-black Swastikas? He’s obviously got a talent for face painting! The season’s halfway over and he may never play again. If Greg Hardy wasn’t a sociopath, he’d be sweating because he’d know that every game could be his last. Whether or not he loses his job now or a season or two from now, the next stop for this dude is prison. Mark my words. The Kraken is headed to jail with Aaron Hernandez. They’re going to get along just great!

The season’s far from over and we can expect more of Hardy’s horseshit. As long as he’s going to be playing with the eye black, I wanna see some Swastikas from this shithead. C’mon, I dare ya! If Greg Hardy REALLY wants to up his villain-game, he’ll break out some sweet eye-black Swastikas. And if he doesn’t? I’ll be disappointed. If we’re going to be subjected to this dickhead every Sunday, the LEAST he could do is go all in. He WANTS to be the most hated man in America. So why not throw some Swastikas on there? Really, what does he have to lose at this point? C’mon, man! GIVE US SOME EYE BLACK SWASTIKAS!

But for real, he’s pretty close to going all in on the eye black Swastikas:

Greg Hardy: THE KRAKEN

This one looks like some fucked up SS Nazi mythical bullshit:


Ah yes…Klassic Kraken….


MORE WAR PAINT!     1445910879-NS_26hardyLD01

This one looks like he started to draw a Swastika and then forgot how:


Now THIS one is reeeeeeeaally close…This one’s kinda alarming. What the fuck is that? That one definitely looks like he wanted to go with a Swastika. This is fuck up…whatever the fuck that is:


Then he went and did this half-assed Swastika again…He’s close, people….Be patient…he’s gonna do it…


Fuck Greg Hardy. This guy sucks.

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