Let’s Celebrate Veterans, Not War.

My cousins. My grandfathers. My great-uncles. My childhood friends. There are many people I know who served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. My grandfather, my father’s father, proudly served in the Army in Korea and was buried in a military graveyard in Indiana. My mother’s father also served in Korea; I’ve seen photos of him, muscular arms around the local women, with a sly grin.

I love the sacrifice and it’s admirable. But, I’ve never believed it was necessary because I loathe the concept of war. People say all the time that it’s necessary to preserve whatever and blah blah, but most of us know it’s to serve self-interests and prove ourselves a powerful opponent. We wage war to make money and intimidate other countries. But, I digress.

We don’t take care of our veterans, unfortunately. So, today, thank a veteran in some way. Call your grandfather, or uncle, or an older, male or female family member and let them know that their sacrifice was appreciated. They did not have a choice like we do now. Let’s make sure their efforts were not in vain.


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