Attack on France Update: November 14th, 2015 (13:40 UTC)

As of 12AM this morning, the report from CNN that says that at least 153 people are now dead after the attacks last night in Paris, France. As of this morning (as of 7:30AM EST) NBC is reporting that at least 127 people were killed in multiple, organized attacks that ISIS has now claimed responsibility. Eight of the attackers were killed by French authorities. These attacks coordinated north of most tourist areas; north of the Seine River. The terrorists were armed with AK-47’s, grenades, and suicide bombs to kill as many people as possible in a series of well organized attacks on multiple targets.

From CNN Report from 12AM EST:

  • 112 were killed at the Bataclan theater.
  • 14 were killed on Rue Bichat at the site of the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, in the 10th district.
  • 19 died on Rue de Charonne in the 11th district, outside a bar called La Belle Equipe.
  • Four were killed on Avenue de la Republique, in the 10th district.
  • Four others died outside the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, north of Paris

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