Suffering from Depression AND Job Hunting? Shockingly Dope-ass Job!

Last week I got a temp position in an office in Portsmouth, NH. I was looking for any job that didn’t suck and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how dope working in an office is. I would have settled for “not suck” but office temp work has turned out to be the bomb.

I had no clue what I’d signed up for through the temp agency but essentially I’m a call service agent: reverse telemarketer. I’m doing this crazy ass customer service stuff and filling out IRS WOTC tax forms for kids from Philly working at Wendy’s. It’s shockingly not terrible.

A lot of people (with good reason) hate working in an office and it turns out that only the hardest men can handle workin’ the customer service phones. I highly recommend this job if you are already suffering from depression.

It’s hard as fuck to hold a job or stay in school when you’re depressed. I feel like I’m exhausted all the fuggin’ time and no amount of sleep or coffee chuggin’ can wake me up. However, in the spirit of embracing the suck, I’m very happy with the new job I’ve found.

If you too suffer from crippling depression I would highly recommend working at as a call service agent in an office. This sounds fucking crazy but if your managers are cool you’ve struck gold.

All I do is sit in an office in front of a computer at a desk for eight hours a day (5 days a week!) with a dopey headset on and I take calls from old people and teenagers and fill out paperwork for them over the phone. That’s it. It’s so awesomely stupid and simple that it’s kinda built FOR people with depression. I think that working in an office gets a bad rep because it sucks the life out of people but my theory is that there is nothing at this point that could possibly make me feel worse than a I already do so I’ve literally got nothing to lose here. It’s just talking on the phone all day! Piece of piss, baby! You can even do funny voices and fuck around as long as you do your job.

I got lucky because I’ve already made some cool friends my own age and my supervisor care juuuuuuust the right amount and nobody’s a dick. So far after one week all has been chill. There’s a lot of dicking around and playing grab ass but what people do appreciate is some life in the office. The biggest plus for me is that I can just sit down and be on the computer all day reading the news in between calls so it’s basically like being at home and just getting calls from strangers all day. Like I said, not terrible!


So far there is not too much that really REALLY sucks. I fucking love it because I’ve got questionable taste and I’m at a very low point in my never ending battle with mental illness so really an office gig is dope. But just because I like doesn’t mean that if you’re suffering from depression too that you’ll like it. Everybody’s different. I think that I’ve got the right wrong kind of mindset in a way. My psychological profile is pretty shitty so that seems to be perfect! If there’s barely any life in ya then there’s not much that such a job can take! It’s like how you gotta go into Mordor to dump that fucking ring in the volcano. My only warning would be that if you’re not 100000% out of your mind already then you should think real hard about this. I’m not easily bored, however, I am EASILY tired. I get exhausted playing computer solitaire so that’s pretty much why this job is perfect. I just chug coffee, chill at a desk, read the news, and talk to people all day and that’s good for me!

Like any job, there is always potential to suck. There’s always gonna be shitty people who just wanna watch the world burn. That’s just the way it is. But if you are worried about not being able to hack it and keep a job because of your history with depression then I would highly recommend office work.

Plus, there’s no cleaning and no food that you have to deal with. Fuck food service, mane! THESE IRS WOTC TAX FORMS WON’T FILL THEMSELVES OUT!


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