A Week After the Attacks on Paris: Everybody is done with ISIS’ bullshit–even China

It’s been a full week since the terrorist attack on Paris. The terrorist organization known as ISIS has since claimed responsibility and France has responded by bombing the organization’s stronghold in Raqqa, Syria and asking for increased American and NATO military assistance in the region.


The image above gives a little bit of geopolitical insight into what is going on in the Iraq/Syria region. The map below represents a compilation of sources’ information on the situation in Syria and Iraq. Syrian,_Iraqi,_and_Lebanese_insurgencies

PINK: (southern Iraq) controlled by Iraqi Government

YELLOW/GOLD: (northern Iraq and Syria) controlled by Iraqi/Syrian Kurdistan forces

ORANGE: (west) Lebanon

BLUE: (eastern Lebanese/Syrian Border) controlled by Hezbollah

LIGHT PINK: (western Syria) controlled by Russian supported Syrian Government

GREEN: (northern and southern Syria) controlled by Syrian rebels/opposition

GREY: controlled by ISIS


Early this morning (12AM EST/0500UTC) it was announced by CNN that the Chinese government led by president Xi Jinping has vowed to bring ISIS to justice after murdering a Chinese and Norwegian citizens.

Katie Hunt of CNN:

But how to respond to Fan’s “cold-blooded and violent” death presents a dilemma for China, which has stayed on the sidelines in the fight against ISIS and has a long-held principle of noninterference in other countries’ affairs.

To date, Beijing has been vague on the question of what it will contribute to the global fight against ISIS and has declined to explicitly offer its support for airstrikes being conducted against the group in Syria.

(Beijing vows justice as ISIS kills Chinese, Norwegian hostages)

The Chinese government is willing to step up its support for anti-ISIS intervention but intends to remain on the sidelines of the conflict for the most part. Chinese officials fear that if China declares war on ISIS that it will increase the chances that China will suffer a future Paris-style attack in the future.




  1. Tomás Swinburne 孙柯 · November 20, 2015

    China already is suffering ‘Paris-style attacks’ in Xinjiang and they have had terrorist attacks in Beijing, most recently in 2013.


    • TEDESTEN · November 20, 2015

      oh for real? I only just found about what China stance on ISIS was—just my own ignorance


      • Tomás Swinburne 孙柯 · November 21, 2015

        Islam in China is really intetestong, hui Muslims have divides inside themselves etc


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