How the fuck do you turn off adds?!

OK, so I’ve been MAD slippin’ with the staff’s “post every day no matter what” rule but today I saw some sneaky-ass shit about how at the end of my post there’d be an ad. What. How do you turn that shit off??? Can’t a man just be satisfied with his jackassery for its own sake??? This blog prides itself on dumbness and radness! Our 7 loyal readers don’t want our dumbness and radness stifled by Burger King pop-ups goddammit!

Decided to go “Premium” in the interest of not fucking up our completely unearned good will (thank you for your support!) because that seems to be the way to no get spammed with ads. Or at least that’s why I thought. Somebody out there has to know, right?

The Professional VIP counts as just barely passable bufoonery–and I’d like to keep it that way! How am I supposed to maintain my journalistic integrity while I’m bitchin’ about living with my mom and there’s ads all over my fuggin’ blog?? I was reeeeeeeally hoping that this day would not cometh but it hath. For the love of god and all that is holy somebody help me turn this shit off.


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