Staying Sober this Thanksgiving: The Best Worst Advice

I just finished my second full week working at a call center. So far, I love it and it doesn’t suck. Not sucking is an underrated quality in a job. Other people (most sane people) hate working in a call center and I can totally understand that. I’m pretty lucky in that I work with cool people and so far nobody’s a dick. That’s two home runs so far: 1). the work doesn’t suck and 2). no sucky co-workers. The quality of co-worker that you work with can make or break any job. The all around shittiness of a job can be overcome by having good co-workers. The same can be said of having an asshole for a boss. I feel like the same can be also said of a having a good boss. A good boss can make even the creepiest and most horrible co-workers at the worst job ever seem tolerable.

I feel I’m just lucky in general because I can always somehow muster the energy to look for the good a bad situation. Work’s fine. My job right now rocks but, god forbid, if it start sucking then fine. Whatever, man. Monday through Friday 9am-5pm isn’t supposed to be all that jolly anyway. What fucks me up though is everything else when I’m not on the clock. Particularly when it comes to family.

I’m almost 4 months sober. Closing in on a new personal record! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. It’s gotten WAY easier. Took a while to not feel impossible but it’s become a good habit.

What I’m hyper aware of is that my two biggest triggers are family and work. And then there’s school too but I’m not doing that shit right now so it doesn’t count at the moment. But holy shit. I want nothing to do with Thanksgiving this year. Halloween was hard enough but Halloween is awesome without drinking. And there’s no family component, which is dope.


As a preemptive safety measure, I scheduled myself to work on Thanksgiving. This seemed like a good move. My mom’s hosting Thanksgiving this year and I kinda want nothing to do with it. Lucky for me, my supervisor threw me on the schedule for Thursday and I’m pretty happy about that. My mom though? Woof…

Here’s a pro-tip before I go into my sad little anecdote: if you’re working on Thanksgiving because you want to because you’re a wicked bad alcoholic and super depressed and kinda can’t stand your family like me, for the love of god, do not tell your mother that you volunteered to work on Thanksgiving. But otherwise, if you’re worried about staying sober this Thanksgiving, I personally think that working through the holiday is a goodass idea. Mostly because it’s a huge drinking holiday and avoiding it all together seems like a safe move. Plus, it’s generally frowned upon to be drinking or drunk at work so work seems like a good place to go. If work is closed, then go volunteer! That way if your family gets upset at you they can go fuck themselves because you’re doing Christ’s work on Earth!

The way I see it, avoiding Thanksgiving is a good idea if you’re fucked up. And there’s nothing but good that can come out of it! If you work, then you get paid time and a half. And if you volunteer you get pretty sweet holier-than-thou boner.

Working on Thanksgiving is not THE solution to any of your problems but it’s not a bad one either. For me, I really want to do this because I’d really rather not be locked up in my house dealing with cravings all day. Nah. Everybody’s gonna be drinking and being in early sobriety I’d rather kill myself than be around a bunch of people drinking. If I wanted to do that I’d have gone back to college.

If you’re feeling strong this Thanksgiving, I’m happy for you. I’m sitting this one out and that’s cool too. As long as you’re sober, do whatever the fuck you want.


  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi · November 21, 2015

    That’s really good advice that I can relate to as an ex smoker. I tried countless times to quit, but would restart at the first social situation that came my way. Eventually I was able to quit and I’m at a point now where I can hang out with smokers no worries, but I can’t help feeling if I had adjusted my priorities like your post suggests I might have quit sooner. Good luck with staying sober, you sound like you are on the right track with a great attitude

    Liked by 1 person

    • TEDESTEN · November 21, 2015

      Thank you! I thought that this was an insanely anti-social move but I really appreciate your input. I’d like to get to that point too and I’m happy to hear from you that it’s not impossible! Good luck to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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