Ki jan ou ye? M’ap Boule! Welcome to America my new Haitian amigos!

There’s a lot of “down time” when you’re working in an office. The “down time” is a little sporadic and unpredictable especially when you work at a call center as a temp. What I like to do in my spare time is practice my language skills because I’d really like to get hired by my company as a translator.

So far, after ten years of Spanish, I’m ballin’ as a Spanish translator. Speaking Spanish has been the gift that keeps on giving but I’m looking to up my game: I’m learning Haitian Creole!

Learning a new language is a good hobby because it stimulates your brain and learning releases dopamine. I know a VERY small amount of Haitian Creole from working with Haitian refugees in Boston as an ESL teacher.

A lot of my job, especially since becoming the go-to temp Spanish translator, has been filling out WOTC IRS tax forms for different companies’ new hires. I’ve done a bunch of Spanish tax forms and they’ve been shockingly not difficult. All week though I’ve been anticipating getting a call from a Haitian new hire because we’ve got a pretty awesome growing Haitian-American population. The other day, I did my first IRS form in Haitian Creole. The woman I was helping was very happy to hear someone speak at least some Creole and luckily she was super patient with my horribly butchered Haitian Creole. It was a just barely passable job and luckily this woman spoke a good amount of Spanish and was willing to humor me and my bad Creole.

The Haitian-American population is on the rise in the U.S. and that’s awesome! I met a lot of Haitian immigrants and refugees when I worked as an ESL teacher in Boston and everybody I met was very friendly. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, our Haitian-American population will soon reach one million! That’s pretty rad. And with more new Haitian amigos we’re gonna need more translators so it seems like a good career move to me to learn Haitian Creole.

I’m on a new mission to master Haitian Creole. Byenveni nan Etazini yo, zanmi nouvo mwen! Hit me up if you need some dude to fill out your WOTC forms!

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