Working On Sunday? Me too! Hit me up, amigo!

There’s a lot of down time when you’re working in a call center. To me, this is a big bonus because I prefer a bunch of small breaks compared to one “big” break and then a long-ass scramble. Oh the dreaded scramble. I am not a fan of “hurry up and wait”. That blows. This is why working in a kitchen makes you go crazy and turns you into a complete sociopath. The stress  of working in a kitchen shortens your lifespan by like 70 years.

The only shitty thing about working on Sunday is missing football but the upside is that Sunday is usually insanely slow if you work in an office.

Shout out to everybody else out there playing grab-ass in the office! Don’t get caught by HR.

Here’s some pictures of Spiderman:







Happy Sunday my dogs!

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