Today I’m officially 4 months sober! And it’s hard to believe but a whole month ago I fired up this blog with my two best friends on a mission to capture our collective experiences as young Americans in 2015. What a time to be alive!

It’s been pretty awesome to document our dumbness and radness and leave behind a historical record for future generations of well-meaning dudebros like myself. And with a splash of thoughtfulness, I’d like to think that this shit is important.

In one month of sharing my feels on the interwebs, the most rewarding thing has been the positive feedback from other writers and journalists. I’d like to thank everybody for their support! Thank you for not hating us! But the very best thing has been reading other people’s writing. Holy shit. There’s a lot of bombass writers out there on the wordpress! You guys are all THE MAN. I wish I had a whole stash of bitcoins with which I could hire you on full time to write for my website. THE DAY WILL COME. But until then I’m loving everybody’s stuff!

There’s so much going on in the world and the writers I follow have become some of my favorite writers on the internet. A month ago, I wanted to fire this bad boy up so that I could document my own experience and maybe find other people with similar experiences as myself. The recovery community out there bloggin’ away is ELITE. I’m wicked happy to find that there’s a ton of people in recovery all journaling and documenting their experiences. It’s life affirming and inspiring and I hope that everybody out there keeps it up because you’re a bunch of badasses and I’m proud to follow you.

I wanted to publish a mission statement for The Professional VIP but it would have been 10,000 words and I would have never gotten to the point. If I were to put it as simply as possible, I would say that the importance of documenting and sharing one’s own experience is that it proves the dignity in the life of the common man and woman. Everybody’s life is important and everybody’s life is a story. I see our blogs as a historical record. I’m for real. No matter what you write, it is important. All of the dumbness and the radness and dash of thoughtfulness adds up to our story. We’re all alive right now at the same moment. All of us all over the world. How cool is that? There’s 7 billion people out there and I’d like to meet as many of them as I possibly can before I beef it and die (hopefully in a naked girl avalanche fingers crossed). But in all seriousness, it’s been such a pleasure to read everybody’s writing and seeing what your lives are like all around the world.

I suffer from some bad shit. Sometimes it seems like nothing will ever make me feel OK and I’m just fucked. That was the spot I was in when I started this blog and I’ve been lucky because this has been a real life saver. The vastness of the world is a big inspiration to me. When I’m down, I like to pop into other people’s lives and see what’s up in your corner of the globe. From Canada, to Zimbabwe, to New Zealand and Australia, and Ireland, and the UK, and France, and Denmark, and Japan, and South Africa, and India, and back again just down the street from your new homie Ted in New Hampshire. Life may at times seems mundane. The familiar becomes quickly monotonous and easy to take for granted. But to this guy? To this dudebro just chillin’ in his mom’s basement in New Hampshire? Your familiar is my adventure. How amazing is that? From my mom’s basement I can be talking to new amigos in Zimbabwe! That’s insane. Insanely awesome. How sick would it be if all 7 billion human beings around the world could snap a picture or a selfie in their backyard and posted it? We live in that world! That’s our world!

I wasn’t expecting to do much more than bitch about living in my mom’s basement while staggering through sobriety and making some dick jokes here and there. And I wanted to invite my best friends to be writerers with me because I suck at keeping in touch with the people I love and I kinda hate Facebook. I didn’t expect to meet a bunch of new amigos but it’s been a wicked awesome surprise!

I had a bunch of hang ups about blogging. I thought it was a self-absorbed and exploitative horseshit and I jumped in head first expecting to feel dirty and hate myself. Thank god I was wrong and that I was just being a gigantic dickhead. This isn’t self-snitchin’ misery porn! This is noble shit! I want to be totally transparent and say that I came into this one month ago with a horrible attitude. As bad of an attitude as I had, I was instantly proven wrong. This has been very life affirming and it’s been fun and intellectually stimulating. I’ve been inspired by all of your stories, poems, articles, photos, and musings. And I hope that in turn you’ve had a giggle at my fart jokes and smokin’ hot takes.

Everybody’s life is important. It’s hard to remember that my own life is worth living with all this damn affliction. One of my biggest heroes is Tupac Shakur. Tupac’s my favorite musical artist and my all time favorite poet. When I get down, I just think about how Tupac was able to keep his head up through all sorts of terrible bullshit. He kept his sense of humor. He stayed strong and although his life was taken from him at such a tragically young age he made the most of it. Tupac Shakur was only 25 years old when he was murdered. If William Shakespeare had died at 25, he would have never written anything. If John Lennon had died at 25, the Beatles would have been done in 1965. No Revolver or Sgt. Peppers. When I think about Tupac, I think of him as one of the greatest American poets of all time because he told his story about being a young man living in America. Tupac was the rose that grew from concrete. He had a great talent for rapping and made some of the greatest hip-hop songs and records of all time but, to me, more than that what he did best was tell his own story. When I’m down, I just think about how Tupac fought through the worst and still found the energy and the passion to tell his story without apologizing to anybody. I’m not saying that this bloggin’ about my everyday dudebro bullshit is on the same level as Tupac Shakur’s EPIC discography, but I like to think on most basic level that we’re all sharing our stories and that’s kind of all that it’s really about.

Your life is important and no matter what your depression tells you, you’ve got a story to tell and that story matters. Self-doubt is one of the most toxic things in the world. Self-doubt is some nasty bullshit because it’s not real but it sure feels fuckin’ real. A month into chieffin’ this blog, I’ve found that in sharing what in the fuck is going on in my little world I am able to combat my invalid feelings of self-doubt. Your support and your own stories have helped me more than you’ll probably ever know and I wish I could kiss each and every one of you on the mouth.

I started a month ago from rock fucking bottom. There was no where to go but up but I didn’t know where to start. I was 3 months sober. Now I’m 4 months sober. What a fucking difference a month makes. Jesus. I did not expect this to get easy let alone less sucky. But it is way less sucky. It’s actually getting pretty rad. I wanted to call this blog “The Professional VIP” because I’ve spent too long trying to be accepted and validated and live a life worthy of other people’s standards. I’ve given myself my own personal License to Ill just for being alive. I’m a self-assigned professional V.I.P. and as editor in chief of this humble blog (if you’ve made it this far into this post) I dub YOU a Professional VIP too! As long as you’re alive then give yourself a break and have a ball! Sometimes, you just gotta give yourself your own credentials. Self-empowerment is the name of the game: Big Man on Campus status is something that’s not given nor earned, bro. You just gotta take that shit! And go hard in the paint because you’re too busy being the man to keep it on the court.

Everybody is very important and what I’ve learned is that the only person holding me back a lot of the time is myself. Don’t deny your own access! Keep writing and keep balling. Roll up on The Professional VIP anytime and remember that you too are a professional VIP. If nowhere else, here, your access is never denied!

Thank you to everybody! You’re all the best!




  1. Nikita · November 23, 2015

    “Sometimes, you gotta give yourself your own credentials.” I AGREE

    Liked by 1 person

    • TEDESTEN · November 23, 2015

      Gotta be your own biggest fan! And hero!


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