Quit Smoking? Chew On Some Cinnamon!

Supposedly, there’s a three day hump that you have to get over when you quit smoking initially. I don’t really buy this because any occasion seems like a good time to RIP MAD BUTTS. I didn’t even grew up in the golden years when you could smoke indoors in this country; but I guess freedom isn’t free and America’s gotten soft. I can’t believe you’re not allowed to smoke indoors anymore. THANKS OBAMA. I missed out on how awesome it must have been to grow up in a world where everything smelled like smoke and sadness.

Speaking of sadness, today (I think) was my third of the hump. I don’t count the days for anything really. If it’s going to be a rough day staying sober or not having a cigarette or something then who gives a fuck if it’s day 100? Everyday is day one to me. It’s either a hard day or an easy day. The only difference is that as time goes on I’m noticing that it’s easier to string together easy days. I’ve been on a roll! But still, doesn’t matter what day it is; day 50 can be just as difficult as day 5 and sometimes it can be even worse. Today, I had every good excuse to smoke: tense day at the call center, did my laundry, woke up early and went for a jog, tied my shoes (double-knotted bunny ears!), I drove to work without crashing my car, didn’t eat any candy, took my vitamins, did a goodass job at work and even stayed late, and I even fixed my own dinner! Soooooo many good excuses! I earned major good boy points.

I think that the only reasons why  I didn’t smoke today was because 1). did not physically possess any cigarettes 2). I recognized from the minute that I woke up that I was going to have to dedicate the whole day to the goal of not smoking no matter what and nothing else mattered (that helped most of all) and 3). I chewed on sticks of raw cinnamon all day.

If you too are trying to quite smoking then I definitely recommend going to the grocery store and buying some raw sticks of cinnamon. This is a good move. Even if you don’t like cinnamon, suck it up and chomp on that shit. It’s kind of weird! In a good way! Basically, it’s just a spicy, rolled-up piece of dried tree bark. It tastes awesome and it makes you feel kind of funny. I don’t know if I’m allergic or something but my skull tingles when I’m knibblin’ away on my cinnamon branch. Maybe it’s just the spiciness. I like it. I’ve learned to like it. I also used to do dip all the time and played baseball back in high school in Ohio so I’m used to that burn, man. Feels good.

It kind of just took my mind of smoking. It’s weird and dumb, so it gives you something to think about. Whenever I wanted a cigarette today, I just jammed a cinnamon stick in my mouth hole and gnawed on it. I highly recommend trying it because it is oddly satisfying. Give it a try!

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