Luke Skywalker’s House: A Think Piece

My favorite time-kill when I’m having a slow day at the office is Wookiepedia. For those who don’t know, Wookiepedia is the Star Wars version of Wikipedia. It’s just one big web encyclopedia dedicated to Star Wars. It’s even better than it sounds. Don’t know who Prune Face is? Check ’em out:


From Return of the Jedi at the committee meeting before the Battle of Endor.



Prune Face (or known as “Orrimaarko” to his friends) is one of most underrated driving forces behind the Rebel Alliance. You probably didn’t notice him just chillin’ in the back with his boys though.

Oh, Prune Face. Just another example of the never ending gifts that Wookiepedia keeps on giving me.

Recently, during one of those rare slow days, I was on the Wookiepedia looking up Luke Skywalker’s house because some lady called my office and wanted to buy a hogan from one of the companies I take calls for. A hogan is basically the Native American version of Luke Skywalker’s house.

Navajo hogan:


Luke Skywalker’s house:


Very similar. Unfortunately, we were unable to sell this lady a hogan the other night. But I did check out Luke Skywalker’s house on Wookiepedia and it was a pretty awesome day.

Luke Skywalker’s house is one of my favorite sets in all of Star Wars. And if there is one iconic image of Star Wars that immediately pops into my head when I think about this wild space saga it’s this:


The two suns going down over Tatooine while Luke Skywalker looks on just before setting out and on his epic adventure is such a sick scene. And then he goes into his basement to find C-3P0 banging around in his garage and making a big fucking mess all while his other slave-droid R2-D2 has run off to find the crazy old hobo down the street Ben Kenobi. I can hear the theme music when I look at this photo. Space looks so awesome.

Supposedly, the Lars Homestead is supposed to be featured in the new Star Wars Episode VII that’s coming out later this month. The house was also feature in new trilogy too. I was poking around Wookiepedia and google images at work trying to figure out the layout of the house (because I have that kind of time and it was important).

Check out this image from Episode II:


Where the fuck is that shadow coming from? Is the fucking Jawa Crawler just fucking illegally parked right out in front of the Lars’ household? That’s kinda rude. Supposedly, according to Wookiepedia, Jawas don’t smell too good so I would imagine that the crawler in such close proximity to Padme and Anakin here would ruin their awkward romantic moment. But no, seriously, what the fuck is causing that shadow just off screen on the right?

Is it the lip of the big hole where crazy Uncle Owen eats dinner? Is that even fucking possible?


There’s no way that the lip of the dinner hole is causing that massive shadow. The dinner-eating hole is pretty sweet though:


Look at how deep it is! I’d eat dinner down there. I might even have guests over and feed them in my dinner hole.


Uh-oh Uncle Owen cooked gumbo again:


The droids you’re looking for.


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