No Shave November: the counterpart 

This is me. This is my beard. #NoShaveNovember 

Alright so I admit, I was last clean shaven in January and I started letting it grow out like this in May. So this isn’t just November, but who’s going to blame me for not wanting to shave this beauty.  

I also apologize for Mr.Young  Alcoholic himself and my early morning beard selfies. Nobody needs to see that….

This is a public service announcement, this is only a test, emergency evacuation protest-Green Day

When I can’t think of a title for article, I just write the song lyric I just heard.That came from Warning by green day.

It was that line that gave me an idea. For the last however long I’ve been trying to convince my counterparts to move across country from New Hampshire and Toledo to live with me in Seattle. This is easy for me to say, because I’ve moved so many times in the last three years. To give example of this, I’ve lived on the East Coast the West Coast and the Midwest this year alone. 

I’ve made a habit of staying in one place for about three months, moving somewhere else, going back to that first place moving somewhere else after three months again, and so on and so forth. 

This lifestyle was great for the first two years. I had spent the first 20 years of my life living in Michigan, the house I grew up in was my fathers childhood home, and subsequently my grandparents house before I moved in when I was seven. so essentially I live in the same place my entire life.

This lifestyle can also get very old, very quickly. It’s lonely living on the road. It’s a simple as that. When you’re only somewhere for three months you can’t cultivate friendships, you can’t get into a routine, you can’t really do anything because it’s only short-term. 

At this point I’ve been here for four months. I work two jobs in my field starting my career I have business plans I’m working out

I know I’m going to be in Seattle for a couple years. My parents just moved to the Pacific Northwest my sister lives down the hall from me I have a good job that’s in my field. I have no reason to go anywhere, and the feeling is amazing.

It’s strange though, since moving here my life is changed drastically. And I’m not as upset or angry at everything anymore. If you were to ask Ted how to describe me he would say the angriest person alive, I can’t really blame him. 

I have a perfect example of this. A week or so ago I run article about how much I hate Christmas. I still don’t love Christmas but in that time I’ve met some people, now have some friends, I’m going out little bit and actually having a life and now I’m hosting a Christmas party. 

And no, I’m not doing this because of a girl. The girl who is organizing this party I’m hosting is married.

So, all my friends, I have to say, move. If you’re not happy with your life, then leave. Keep moving until it all feels right.

I apologize for my absence 

As we all know, the three of us are battle depression or some kind of mental issue.

My colleagues are better about opening up than I am. I’ll open up to them, but they’ve also seen me at my worse, on multiple occasions. 

The past week or so I’ve been in my head a lot and I’ve been battling a question, something that I assume most people don’t about, or don’t think about often.

I don’t like the holidays. October 31st-January 2nd, don’t be near me. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m a Grinch. (Side note: I also hate that someone who doesn’t like the Holiday season is nick named a Christmas character) Halloween was ruined by a traumatic experience a few years back and don’t get me started on thanksgiving and Christmas. Both holidays revolve around family, something that I’ve struggled with my entire life.

During this time of year my normal ritual is simple. Be so high that I don’t know what my name is. Usually that works, but as I get older the less effective that method becomes, And this year….nope not working.

So this is what changed.  

Jeff Lark is my father, Donna Lark-Weiner is my mother

For the first time in my life my family headquarters isn’t going to be in the small town in rural Michigan that I hated with a passion. I’m not going to be sent back to negative temperatures and a house full of negative and traumatic memories.

In other words I’m happy. Or I think I am. Or I’m on my way to being happy. I don’t know what’s going on or how I feel.

To make a long story short I’ve had a hard life. School and I never worked, family wasn’t a thing, I’ve always been really sick and my heart is an idiot, to say the least. There’s a hole in trying to fill, but that’s for another time. 

I’m going through a change and I think it’ll be for the best.

Our thoughts are in Paris tonight

Hello everyone, as you have probably heard tonight we’ve lost 220 French citizens in a said to be terrorist attack. 

Tonight, give someone you care for a hug, call your mother, tell someone close to you that you care and love them. Life can disappear in an instant. 

From all of us at the Professional VIP, stay safe. 

Thank you,

Miles, Aja & Ted

Vive la France!

The EMP Part Uno: The Guitar Room

Before I start shout out to Amber Ray, she is the director of the EMP gift stores and she gave me a ticket for the exhibit.

So we begin with the amazing collection of guitars only a technology billionaire could afford, just like Paul Allen, who owns the EMP.

Part one showcases all the guitars I’ve coveted since I was a kid. Including the Fender Broadcaster, Gibson “Les Paul” and an early Fender P-Bass.

Without further Hesitation….

Jimi Hendrix’ personal Martin acoustic guitar

From left: unnamed bass, Steinberger Bass, Rickenbacker Bass

1952 Fender P-Bass, 1937 Gibson Electric Upright Bass

1984 Kramer Customized Fender Copy

Gibson “Les Paul” or better known as the SG

1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Left: 1953 Fender Telecaster. Right: (the holy grail of Fender Guitars) 1950 Fender Broadcaster

1959 Fender Jazzmaster

1955 Gretsch 6120

1957 Gibson Flying V Prototype

1954 Fender Stratocaster

1940’s Martin Acoustic Owner by Woody Guthrie

1968 Fender Stratocaster Played by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

“Brownie”1956 Fender Stratocaster player by Eric Clapton

1959 Gibson Les Paul played by Duane Allman

The original Electric Lady Land studios mixing board

Jimi Hendrix getup

Wait this dude had a problem…

Yeah who would have ever guessed that the guy in the joker/Bowie make-up years after the fact would have a drinking problem. Shocker.

But all joking aside, I couldn’t be prouder of the man to whom I call my brother. 

Ted has had a hard few years, but his life is on the up and up. Today starts a new chapter for him.

Like I’ve said before here, he’s my partner in crime, creativity and lyphe.

Here’s to a new life, new beginnings and dreams becoming goals. You can do anything you put your mind too. This man is proof. 

Peace and love to everyone. 

Christmas…it’s really something….

I’m not religious at all, and I never have been. That’s not saying I look down at anybody who is. If religion works for you, kudos to you. I mean that with all sincerity.

That being said, I do have one issue with a major holiday. My issue is simply this: why does Christmas have to last 2 months?

Seriously. It’s November 9th and I’m already seeing Christmas decorations. Halloween was last week weekend and Thanksgiving is still weeks away.

Come on. Give Christmas a few weeks, that’s being generous.

Also stop calling it “Christmas time”. There are many many Americans who are like me and don’t celebrate Christmas.

That also doesn’t mean that I hate Christmas or Christians or anything like that. I like seeing people happy, and people are usually happy around Christmas.

One last thing, Pastor Joshua Feuerstein (sounds Jewish to me) said this about Starbucks because their newly released holiday cups don’t have Christmas designs on them:

“Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus … SO I PRANKED THEM … and they HATE IT!!!! #shareUse #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKS”

Even a nonreligious person knows that the holidays are about love and family, not frivolous stuff.