This is a public service announcement, this is only a test, emergency evacuation protest-Green Day

When I can’t think of a title for article, I just write the song lyric I just heard.That came from Warning by green day.

It was that line that gave me an idea. For the last however long I’ve been trying to convince my counterparts to move across country from New Hampshire and Toledo to live with me in Seattle. This is easy for me to say, because I’ve moved so many times in the last three years. To give example of this, I’ve lived on the East Coast the West Coast and the Midwest this year alone. 

I’ve made a habit of staying in one place for about three months, moving somewhere else, going back to that first place moving somewhere else after three months again, and so on and so forth. 

This lifestyle was great for the first two years. I had spent the first 20 years of my life living in Michigan, the house I grew up in was my fathers childhood home, and subsequently my grandparents house before I moved in when I was seven. so essentially I live in the same place my entire life.

This lifestyle can also get very old, very quickly. It’s lonely living on the road. It’s a simple as that. When you’re only somewhere for three months you can’t cultivate friendships, you can’t get into a routine, you can’t really do anything because it’s only short-term. 

At this point I’ve been here for four months. I work two jobs in my field starting my career I have business plans I’m working out

I know I’m going to be in Seattle for a couple years. My parents just moved to the Pacific Northwest my sister lives down the hall from me I have a good job that’s in my field. I have no reason to go anywhere, and the feeling is amazing.

It’s strange though, since moving here my life is changed drastically. And I’m not as upset or angry at everything anymore. If you were to ask Ted how to describe me he would say the angriest person alive, I can’t really blame him. 

I have a perfect example of this. A week or so ago I run article about how much I hate Christmas. I still don’t love Christmas but in that time I’ve met some people, now have some friends, I’m going out little bit and actually having a life and now I’m hosting a Christmas party. 

And no, I’m not doing this because of a girl. The girl who is organizing this party I’m hosting is married.

So, all my friends, I have to say, move. If you’re not happy with your life, then leave. Keep moving until it all feels right.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass: A Tribute to the One-eyed Glass God 

Hello dear reader, I am attempting to fulfill a promise of mine. To give a virtual tour of the Seattle Center.

I’m writing a more in-depth piece as we speak, but I wanted to give ya’ll a little taste.

Below is the glass house, an open conservatory with a ceiling covered in Persian (the name of the series, not Middle Easterners).

The glass house looking over the Sun

This is The Sun. Dale Chihuly loves gardens, they were his biggest and earliest influence. Just by taking a glance at his work, one would surmise that he has a love of botany. (That means flowers, guys).

The Sun, at the Center of the Gardens

That is all for now, dear reader. Check back in tomorrow for more…or else.

I Went To Bermuda (Survived the Triangle!)

In my life I have been fortunate enough to travel out of the country and I love it so much. So, I figured I’ll reflect on the first time I left the country when I was 9 for my uncle’s wedding and it was in Bermuda. A couple of facts about Bermuda: it’s a small, island nation sort of in the middle of the Atlantic. It is known for tourism and also for the Bermuda Triangle which is this mysterious, magnetic thing that eats you. Like on Lost. Maybe the Lost smoke monster was the Bermuda Triangle. Crickets. Or not. So it was the first time I had been out of the country so I remember I had to get a passport and get my pictured taken for it. I was so excited to go, I Googled pictures of the beaches and our hotel.

So. we arrive. The airport was really small. We were on a plane that you step directly off of the plane onto the tarmac and I just remember the heat. I’m not sure what season but it was probably spring or summer so very warm and clear and beautiful. I first thing I remember seeing was other black people. Because I had never been abroad I didn’t know there were black people in Bermuda, I had never even heard of the country before. So I’m like, oh, ok. It’s Florida and Detroit mixed together, sick. The second thing was the water. I had been on a beach before but the water was so clear. You could clearly see every little fish, every little seashell in that water, it was clear and so blue and gorgeous I was like my inner voice was like (Holy shit man, you got to get on that).

I wanted to go to the beach like as soon as possible. I think the wedding was the following day and let’s say we got there at maybe 11 am. Now, there was one issue and that was hair. I’m pretty sure I had it done and when I finally did go in the water I was like OH MY GOD I CAN CATCH FISH WITH MY HANDS LIKE A BEAR. I failed to realize that the darker part of the water, meant it was deeper. So I’m walking in swallow water then I slip off the sandy ledge and dip right below the surface. And luckily I could swim but my mom was like, “Aja! I told you not to get your hair wet, little girl!” Awww. Fuck. So that happened my hair was just nappy as hell but it wasn’t my wedding so I didn’t care.

I think we were there maybe two nights. The wedding was on the beach and it was really beautiful. I was too young to know if there was any ratchetness going down in the background. I’m gonna assume a resounding yes but appearances were kept. And that was the first time I left the country. If you ever leave the country for the first time, pick a place where the concept of a tourist isn’t likened to a mosquito. There are a lot of beautiful nations out there and unless you are into winter sports, go somewhere warm and sunny. Most of all, be open minded, curious and respectful. People in foreign countries have notions about Americans coming over and fucking shit up so let’s make sure we’re invited back. Because some people go abroad and act a fucking fool. Watch an episode of Locked Up: Abroad, man. That shit is real. They do not play.